We are delighted to announce for 2021 that we are now an approved stockist of Navien Boilers, the only place to buy these fantastic boilers in Pembrokeshire!

Why Navien..?

When designing products to meet customers’ needs, Navien only select the finest components, which is why Navien Condensing Products are produced with stainless steel to eliminate corrosion and guarantee long life of your appliance with 10 year warrantys

Navien Condensing Combi Boilers are SEDBUK A rated boasting high efficiency for both your heating and hot water demand and coupled with our easy-to-use intelligent control system minimizing running costs during every heating cycle.

With Navien Boilers, you get the best of both worlds: the “Best Value” and “Ultra Condensing Efficiency,” which offers substantial savings and contributes to a green-friendly environment.

Plus, the installation and venting processes are easy, cost effective, and Navien’s products are simply the best in quality and performance.

Please visit us in store in Prendergast, Haverfordwest to find out more, or give us a call on 01437 723316